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How Can We Get The Best Price For You?
1) How do you know you will get the best price possible for your home with us?

With our unique home presentation support you will be already set up in a prime position against your competition to sell at the best price possible.
2) Your buyer is already out there.

We only concentrate on sales in our office (no lettings allowed!). All of our time is spent finding your buyer.

We sell to people across the globe, the world is your oyster.

We harness the major portals and direct as much traffic as we can off them to you. We then mix it with our own database to find your quality buyers.
3) It is about reaching the right buyer and their desire to pay the price you want for your home.

Once we have the right buyer and we will know who they are the moment they walk through your door, we can start negotiations.

With years of negotiating skills under our belts we will have the skill set to achieve, on average, over 98% of the asking price.
I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you all for providing such a great service which resulted in the quick sale of our house. Having had our house on the market for over 4 months with a local agent (who claim to be the best in the area) we were feeling rather disheartened and feared we would not sell and if we did it would ... (more info)
The twenty best kepts secrets to selling your house at the asking price in record time!
Frequently Asked Questions
* I am thinking about using an online agent and doing the negotiations myself?

Having dealt with all sorts of situations and seeing many people attempt to do their own negotiations or private sales – we can only recommend you use an agent. Dealing with someone who is in contact with you directly all the time can lead to you being badgered into lowering your price and you feeling obliged to do so, along with many other complications.

Having an agent has all the advantages. It allows you to tell us what you really want without having to offend your buyer as you won’t have to deal with them directly.

Our years of experience in negotiation will allow us to establish what your buyer can afford and whether they are in a position to take it further.

You will be surprised – a good agent will negotiate a much better deal than you could have and therefore cover their own fees.

We are here to get the best results for you.

* Do I have to accept an offer I’m not happy with?

By law we have to give you every offer that comes in. However, you are always in control and can always have the final say on whether you accept an offer or not.

We are more than happy to tell people you want at least above a certain amount for your property the moment they walk in, afterall we are working for you.

If after a while you change your mind or your circumstances change we can discuss this with you at any time.

Award: Best Estate Agent Guide, 2020: highly rated Award: Best Estate Agent Guide, 2019: highly rated Award: Best Estate Agent Guide, 2018: highly rated AI Award, Kerb Appealz Most Client-Focused Estate Agents - Cornwall 2020
AI Award, Kerb Appealz Most Outstanding Sales Agent - South West 2019 AI Award, Kerb Appealz Most Client Focused Estate Agent - South West England 2018 AI Award, Kerb Appealz Most Innovative Estate Agents of the Year 2017 & Female Director of the Year 2017, Penny Whitaker
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