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How we can find your world wide buyers.
Whether you have used your holiday home or if it is purely investment – you will now want the best return.

We know all about the local stunning locations and can really sell your home as someone elses’ dream home.

We have a world wide audience.
We decided to have several agents around to get an idea of price. Kerb Appealz just stood out and our family wanted to use them. We are so glad we did! They initially priced our home at £400,000, they in fact achieved £425,000 from a cash buyer. This all happened six hours after listing – he lived in Singapore and made an offer from the the 3D tour, then got his parents to see it on his behalf…..all we can say is a huge thank you... Mrs GH, Nottingham
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Bringing in the outside to make your buyers’ desire it.

Harnessing the best 360% photography to give your buyers’ the ‘WOW’ factor and want to buy your home above your competitors.

3D Virtual tours give your buyers the ability to view your home from their armchair.
It doesn’t matter where you live – if you have a holiday home in South West Cornwall we can help you sell it.

We can liase with you whether you live in the UK or abroad – communication is key.

You can leave it in our capable hands to do all the viewings, send you feedback and book in appointments around your lettings.
We can deal with all your furnishings and include those with your sale.

We will keep in weekly contact with you to let you know how your viewings are going, the feedback and of course what offers you have.

We will give you weekly reports on how your property is performing against similar property with other agents.
We can recommend solicitors & conveyancers.

We will keep you in the loop weekly regarding how your sale is progressing and if you have any questions inbetween you can of course contact us.

We will be here from start to finish.
We wanted to sell our bungalow quickly as we had already found a property through Kerb Appealz that we wanted to buy.  We had three agents out in total.  The first two agents both valued our house at £220,000.  Kerb Appealz came out and said that they thought we could achieve £235,000.  We were a bit dubious but went ... (more info)
Thank you penny for your really good service, I have already told my contacts how good you were selling my cottage in Redruth.  One of them is now about to take up your agency to sell their bungalow.........TP, Redruth   
The twenty best kepts secrets to selling your house at the asking price in record time!
Frequently Asked Questions
* When is the best time to sell my holiday home?

We would generally say the best thing to do is sell it while you are still renting it out. There will be a lot of buyers seasonally around. People book to stay in holiday homes because they love to do it and if they love your area, the chances are they may be a potential buyer for yours.

Our advice would be to rent it out up to the start of the holiday season and sell within that period.

* What will be the tax implications if I sell my holiday home?

Buying a second home has plenty of advantages. It could enhance your lifestyle, generate valuable income and increase your capital. However, the property can see you incurring significant expenses, including maintenance costs, council tax bills, and insurance. You should also be aware of the tax implications, as you could be in for a hefty bill when you sell.

Having recently introduced the stamp duty surcharge on second homes, the government is also planning changes to capital gains tax. These will come into force in 2020. It is important to understand your capital gains tax liabilities and how the proposed changes to the law could affect you.

Capital gains tax

You may have to pay capital gains tax if you make a profit (gain) when you sell a property, which is not your main home. Your gain is the difference between what you paid for the property and the amount you later sell it for. You are permitted to deduct certain expenses from your gain to reduce your tax liability. These include estate agent’s fees, solicitor’s fees and the cost of any improvement work. You cannot deduct the costs of decorating or maintaining the property.

You are also entitled to Private Residence Relief for any time you spent living in the property as well as for the last 18 months you owned the home - even if you weren’t living there at the time. Read more about this relief on the gov.uk website.

If you are a property developer, rather than a home owner, you do not pay capital gains tax. Instead you pay income tax on your profits, if you are a sole trader. If your business is a limited company, you pay corporation tax.

You may receive tax relief if the property has been occupied by a dependent relative or if it is a business asset. These rules will be changing in April 2020 as mentioned in the Chancellor’s autumn budget statement in November 2018.

For capital gains tax purposes, second homes include buy-to-let properties, holiday homes, land and inherited properties.

Talk to your accountant.
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