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Keith Brooker (August 2019)

I have just sold my house in Penzance, I had five estate agents for the valuation, Penny shone above them all, no corporate spiel just an honest opinion that I trusted, had buyers within weeks, then I had to apply for some retrospective planning permission to satisfy my buyers solicitor, this took the sale six months to go through, during this time the lovely staff at Kerb Appeals were very patient , they kept my buyers happy and me with regular phone calls and reassurance, forget online estate agents, there is no substitute for local people who know the market, I bought my house from sellers using a well known online agent, their rep did not even live in the town and was difficult to contact, a big thank you Kerb Appealz.

Response from Kerb Appealz
It was a pleasure to sell your home for you and your buyers are really pleased with their new home.

Clive Cooper (August 2019)

I recently sold my property in Penzance through Kerbappealz. From the outset they were very professional and attentive. Their marketing is very effective as within about 10 days I had an offer at the full asking price. There followed about three months of further negotiations ( after a rather pessimistic survey!) but these were handled by the team with great sensitivity and ultimately led to a satisfactory outcome for all parties. For a virtually pain free selling experience I cannot recommend the Kerbappealz team highly enough. Like

Response from Kerb Appealz
Thank you Clive, it was lovely to meet you and your daughter and I'm glad it worked out for you.

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