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With our help it won’t seem daunting.
We can help you make the right choice – explaining the pros and cons before you decide to sell.

Making that decision to downsize to a more manageable home or utilizing the equity in your home to enjoy your retirement is very appealing but you need to make sure you make the right choice for yourself and your family. We can help you find something suitable.

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Here are six questions to ask yourself before you downsize
Question 1: How Safe is the New Property?

Ensuring your new home is accessible to your future needs is perhaps the most important consideration when downsizing. Think carefully about the hidden fall risks within your new home. Ask yourself….

  • Does the home have stairs that you will need to maneuver on a daily basis?
  • Do the floors have different levels that make transition from room to room difficult?
  • Would you be able to move around your new home easily with a cane or walker?
These questions aren’t easy to ask yourself, but safety is a non-negotiable aspect you will need to be prepared for.

Question 2: Is it Spacious enough for Family to Visit?

Depending on the size and location of your new home, you may have to consider what it will be like for visitors. If family coming to see you is important, you may want to think about having a spare room for guests.

Question 3: Is it a Friendly Community?

Location and fitting into a friendly community is just as important as the house itself. Picturing your new life you may see yourself going to the local shops, attending the community village, local pub, church or other things you enjoy. Does your new community seem to fit all of your needs?

Question 4: How Close is it to Health Care Facilities?

If you have a good doctor, consider how moving will affect your commute or can you transfer to another good surgery? Make sure your new community has all of the health care practices to support your health needs. Don’t forget to map out the distance of the closest hospital or medical facility where you can get emergency care, should you need it.

Question 5: What are your ‘Must Haves’?

Downsizing means you’ll need to be flexible but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise on everything. Make a list of your ‘Must Haves’ your new home will need so you’ll know what’s up for discussion and what can be compromised.

Question 6: Is it Close to Family and Friends?

Socializing and connectivity as you age promotes positive experiences that give you better health and wellbeing. You may want to be near to relatives or friends.
So now you’ve made a decision to move, we can help you all the way.

We will come and meet you and show you how to present your home to ‘WOW’ your buyers and most importantly find the right buyer.

We will come and take stunning photography that your buyers will love AND give you a 3D virtual reality tour, so if a buyer can’t make it they can view your home from their armchair!

You will be marketed on all the major portals and social media to attract the price you want.
You can relax – we will do all the viewings and give you feedback the same day.

We will call you once a week to keep in touch. You will also get a property report which will show you how your property is performing against similar property with other agents.
Once we have your offer – we will be there every step of the way.

When you are happy with your offer, we will get started immediately.

We can recommend good solicitors & conveyancers.

We will call you once a week with an update until completion.

Talk to a member of our team:
We were so impressed from valuation to completion with Penny and her fantastic, efficient and helpful team.  They gave us friendly advice when we needed it and support throughout the whole process. We would recommend Kerb Appealz to anyone putting their property on the market; with their ethical and honest approach and low ... (more info)
I’ve Used kerb Appealz before and they sold my house in 6 weeks, not surprising with the skill of representation they use , my house looked amazing , so good I’m using them again and would highly recommend them ! See for yourself on right move on Menhyr Drive selling by kerb Appealz it looks incredible . Wouldn’t use anyone else.... 1878diane
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Frequently Asked Questions
* What age do seniors usually downsize?

Of course this all depends on your wellbeing and personal circumstances. If you are looking to move into Age Restricted Comminity Housing you do have to be over the age of 55 and sometimes a bit older 62 or 65 so this is worth checking when you speak to the estate agent.

* Do I pay tax if I downsize my house?

How does Capital Gains Tax work? This tax is typically paid on any profit you make from the sale of a property. However, if you sell you main residence, then you do not pay any Capital Gains Tax. This tax only applies to the sale of any extra properties that are not your home.
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