What's the value of your Home?

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What's the value of your Home?

Kerb Appealz Estate Agents Penzance
Kerb Appealz Estate Agents in Penzance

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How is your home photographed?

When you sell your home it is all about attracting buyers to stop and look at your details rather than stopping at your competition.

Your buyers will be looking very quickly down a page of twenty properties at a time and something must excite them and make them stop at yours.


This is where we come in……


After you have had your home presentation advice and help and your home is ready to be photographed, we will always try and mix the photos up a bit to make it more appealing and unusual to spark that interest. 


We explain to the buyer through the photography the layout of your home so they know what to expect when they arrive.  We pick out any features you have as this is what makes a home.





Once we have all these in place, we then give you your package of free products to help boost you to a prime position on the internet where everyone around the world can see you.



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Kerb Appealz Estate Agents in Penzance, CALL NOW: 01736 332076, Mobile: 07 443 423 693
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You will receive FREE Home Staging advice & Rightmove Products worth £800 included in the
1.2% commission price (including VAT)

- giving you the edge on any other houses in your price bracket and area and making yours stand out

- getting you that quick sale at the highest price possible in the market conditions.

This is an exclusive product only offered to Kerb Appealz' clients.
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